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Pop-Up Magazine has a
long and ongoing history of
creative collaborations

We’ve brought collections of stories to private events hosted by Apple, Nike, Amazon Studios, Dropbox, Hermès, Waze, The Atlantic, and the Knight Foundation. We’ve teamed up with Beck, ESPN, McSweeney’s, National Geographic, and the TED Conference. We’ve produced and performed shows at the Sundance Film Festival, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and the Cannes Lions Festival. And we’re constantly trying new things.

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Featured Work

Dinner Guests

A video series featuring fascinating conversations with a diverse group of artists, writers, and chefs (recipes included!).

Here's How

A new email miniseries where we ask Pop-Up Magazine contributors to teach us something surprising.

Phone Stories

Every other weekend, we released a phone number with special instructions — for instance, call when you’re in the dark — to hear a new story, told over the phone, for just that moment.

The Golden State Record

An outdoor show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California that we co-produced with Noise Pop. It featured musical performances and multimedia stories exploring sounds of the West, from music and pop culture to nature, science, and politics.

The Dinner Show

A collaboration with chef and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat author/host Samin Nosrat, in which we opened a restaurant in Oakland for one night only and turned it into a magazine, featuring films, radio storytelling, photo essays, and reporting in some unlikely formats (the water glasses, napkins, and placemats told stories of their own).

Pop-Up Zine

A grassroots invitation to journalists and other creative people across the country, in communities big and small, to produce their own live magazine–style events.