Pop-Up Magazine - The Sidewalk Issue



Artist and author Eleanor Davis (The Hard Tomorrow) considers how we get by (and how we don’t) in a graphic novel of epic scale.

Audio Description Produced by Woman of Her Word &
Cliff Hahn Sound
Narrated by Allyson Johnson


Audio description read by Michele Spitz and Allyson Johnson.

A colorful mural of people walking through city streets and parks. Multiple conversations are happening at the same time, and we see them written out in little speech bubbles over the pedestrians. The conversations sound like this:

Me Time

Thanks for meeting up with me!

Can you believe there’s a place like this right inside the city?

I’m going to be bad—I’m gonna turn my phone off.

Ugh, I feel like such a slacker.

But it’s OK to have one evening for myself sometimes, right?

Haha… Listen to me complaining. I know how lucky I am.

I have friends who have to work two jobs and deliver groceries on the weekends!

Sniff Look at that blue sky… Smell that fresh air.

Okay, enough me-time. Phone on!

Inset: On her phone

[INBOX: 68 Unread emails / PHONE: Boss 8 missed calls / MESSAGES: Boss Where are you???]

Aging Parent Couple

Person 1: Mom left the stove on again today.

Person 2: She can’t keep living alone, sweetie.

Person 1: I know, but she’d never agree to a nursing home.

Person 2: Maybe a caregiver…

Person 1: I keep telling you, we can’t afford one.

Person 2: If only we could get a bigger place, she could move in with us.

Person 1: A bigger place? Where? How?!

Childcare Crisis

Mom: You can’t babysit any more? You’re moving? Oh, we’re gonna miss you, Wendy!

Hi Aunt Martha! I was wondering if you could watch the kids this Thursday—
You can’t? You got a second job? Oh, dang! No, don’t be sorry!

There goes my last family hook-up… I can’t afford daycare and tuition!

I’m going to be stuck at Burgerzone my whole life!

Farm Workers

Person 1: Ojalá me hubieran contratado en la granja orgánica.

Person 2: ¿Pagan más?

Person 1: No, pero odio trabajar después de que rocían, me da náuseas y hace que sea difícil respirar.

Person 2: ¡Que porquería! Pero ¿Vas a estar bien?

Person 1: Bueno, voy a sobrevivir ¿verdad? ¿Y qué le importa a mi arrendador si mi dinero está libre de pesticidas?

Evicted Couple

Person 1: Well, the landlord says he wants us out by next month.

Person 2: We’re being evicted?

Person 1: How can they keep raising rents when nobody’s making more money?

Person 2: It’s like the only people making money are the ones who don’t need it.

Person 1: But we’re the ones who do everything, build everything, take care of the sick, teach the kids, keep it all running—

Person 2: It’s people like us who do all the work!

Person 1: And there are so many more of us than there are of them…

Person 2: Something’s gotta change soon.… Doesn’t it?

Factory Workers

Person 1: Tomorrow I’m gonna tell him.

Person 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Person 1: I’m gonna say, Mike, these new quotas are killing us, we don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. It’s us workers who—

Person 2: Okay, Karl Marx.

Person 1: You’re making fun of me but I think you’re just scared!

Person 2: Yeah, I can’t risk losing this job!

Person 1: You won’t have to worry if enough of us stand together!

Person 2: How many people are we talking here?

Nature Crush Manager

My team is driving me insane!

We’re about to drop a new smoothie and my designer decides she “needs the evening off”!?

Am I the only one here grateful to have a decent job right now!?

Construction Crew

Person 1: Private elevators, pet spas, lap pools — who lives in these places we work on?

Person 2: Investors, rich kids, people who want a “downtown getaway”…

Person 1: You know something? I don’t think I’d even want a walk-in refrigerator.

Person 2: That’s because you’re not a man of sophistication and refinement.

Business Man

What a year! What a year!

We bought an old apartment tower in the Heights — we’re turning into beautiful condos.

We bought a juice chain too. We’re slashing expenses and doing a major marketing blitz.

Juice is the new coffee, and we’re the new juice!

So, I’ve been busy. Everyone tells me I should take a vacation. But it’s like I say on my podcast —

You want success? You have to work for it.

Jane & Jenny’s Juice Couple

Person 1: Nature Crush is squeezing us hard.

Person 2: Is that a juice joke, Jenny?

Person 1: We’ve been killing ourselves to keep the doors open!

Person 2: We’re being undercut and out-marketed. It’s what big chains do.

Person 1: We just loved juice, you know!?!

Burgerzone Ex-Employee

Person 1: Well, Burgerzone put in all these self-serve kiosks, and I got fired.

Person 2: Oh no! What are you going to do?

Person 1: I thought I could get a job taking care of old people or something.

Person 2: You’d be really good at that!

Person 1: I know, I think so too! But it turns out caregivers get paid less than working at Burgerzone.

Person 2: Ugh, I guess where would the money come from to pay them, right?

Grocery Truck Drivers

Person 1: I’m telling you, it’s gonna be more than one in ten vehicles by the end of the decade!

Person 2: Shut up about self-driving cars already.

Person 1: I’m serious. In ten, twelve years, we’re all gonna be replaced.

Person 2: Well, then they’re gonna have a lot of angry truckers on their hands.

Rideshare Driver

I’ve been driving for rideshares for almost a year now.

I used to be a prison guard. Now that was a hard job.

My girlfriend’s uncle owns nine Burgerzones.

We visited and he has a mansion, man! He’s got a walk-in refrigerator!

I was like, that’s what I want, you know? I gotta hustle harder!