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New York!
Thanks for sneaking away for the evening. Each Pop-Up Magazine show exists only for the few hours we’re in the theater together, but you haven’t escaped us entirely just yet. As a thank you, here’s more from our contributors—articles, audio stories, photo essays, films, and other ephemera from the talented people you saw on our stage tonight. Enjoy!
our contributors

This year, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice began 3-D printing dentures for inmates after Keri Blakinger (“The Game”) investigated how toothless prisoners were treated for The Houston Chronicle. She’s also written about her own experiences serving time in prison, including the dog who waited for her to get out.

Beyond performing as a standup comic and writing for HBO’s Divorce, Jordan Carlos (“Go for the Story”) is an expert on being a grown-up. At least, he tries to be one on Adulting, a podcast that he co-hosts with former Pop-Up Magazine contributor Michelle Buteau.

Clio Chang (“Gone Girl”) has written about how unions could save journalism, what it’s actually like to have universal health care, and the emotional comforts of a plastic Pikachu. She is also very talented at explaining the many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates extremely fast.

When Chris Duffy (“Who Wants to Be a Meme?”) isn’t working it with an overwhelming surplus of diggity, he’s writing for television (most recently, Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas) or performing standup (most recently, the basement of a bar). Check out his weekly newsletter to hear about what he’s up to and where to see him.

Cringe and laugh at Womanhood, an instructional web-series from Jo Firestone (“Can You Smell It?”) and Aparna Nancherla. You can also find Jo co-hosting the Dr. Gameshow podcast, apologizing as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on The Tonight Show, and tracking down a troll on Shrill.

From his childhood on a farm outside of New York City to the energy vortexes of Sedona, Lucas Foglia (“Searching in Sedona”) has always been interested in our relationships with wilderness. He’s published photographs of people living off the grid in Appalachia, mining and ranching industries in the West, and the ways we engage with the climate we’ve changed.

After living under pseudonyms and running from the law for a decade, Waymond Hall (“The Fugitive”) now lives with his family in Sacramento. Filmmaker Jane Greenberg’s feature film about Waymond’s years on the run, The Surrender of Waymond Hall, will be released in 2020.

If you haven’t seen spoken-word poetry from Sarah Kay (“The View from South Dakota”) before, start with “If I should have a daughter.” Then try “The Type” and “When Love Arrives.” Are you hooked yet?

You may know Left at London (“Voice Lessons”) for her spot-on impressions of Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Mitski, or her very good Vines. She’s also a musician in her own right. She released two EPs in 2018 and has an album, You Are Not Alone Enough, coming out later this year.

Lisette Poole (“The Dove and the Law”) documents life in Cuba, from the island’s LGBT nightlife to the effects of a newly capitalist economy. She has also photographed across Latin America and the U.S., including for our sister publication, The California Sunday Magazine. Pop-Up Magazine fans can order her upcoming bilingual book about Liset and Marta’s migration, La Paloma y La Ley (The Dove and the Law), with the discount code “POPUP.”

Thanks to the very talented artists and illustrators who helped make tonight’s show beautiful: Ash Adams and Alix Pentecost Farren (“Gone Girl”), Charlie Buhler and Sophi Miyako Gullbrants (“The View from South Dakota”), Danielle Chenette (“Voice Lessons”), Julian Gallese (“Who Wants to Be a Meme?”), Matt Huynh (“The Game”), Hokyoung Kim (“The Fugitive”), Nata Metlukh (“Go for the Story”), and Simone Noronha (“Can You Smell It?”). Thanks, too, to composers Aaron Esposito (“Searching in Sedona”) and Holly Mead (“Gone Girl” and “The Dove and the Law”), and an extra special thanks to our incredible music director, Minna Choi, and our house band the Magik*Magik Orchestra!

If you enjoyed tonight’s show, please spread the word to your friends in other cities! We’ll be wrapping up our tour in Chicago, and we’d love to have your pals in our audience. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or at

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Tonight you saw a preview for Honey Boy, which will be released by Amazon Studios. The film is directed by Alma Har’el and based on a screenplay from Shia LaBeouf, fictionalizing his childhood ascent to stardom, and subsequent adult crash-landing into rehab and recovery. LaBeouf takes on the daring and therapeutic challenge of playing a version of his own father, an ex-rodeo clown and a felon. Catch Honey Boy in theaters beginning November 8.

This evening you heard from Topeka K. Sam, founder and executive director of The Ladies of Hope Ministries, and her mission to help marginalized women through education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Her work is supported in part by Fondation CHANEL.

If you are interested in supporting The Ladies of Hope Ministries, please text LOHM to 4144.

You’ve seen the story of Jacqui Kenny, whose agoraphobia led her to explore the world in a new way, capturing stunning moments from around the world with Google Street View. Jacqui’s story is part of Google’s “Search On” documentary series about people using technology to solve the world’s difficult problems. You can explore the full series at For more of Jacqui’s work, visit her website:

Thanks for getting inspired, flexing your imagination, and exploring your creativity with our partner LEGO tonight. LEGO believes that creativity is an essential skill and inspiring burgeoning ingenuity and play in children is more critical and urgent than ever. So pick up a brick and let’s rebuild a brighter, more brilliant world together. Learn more at

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Photographs by Jon Snyder